Samadhi Set


Samadhi Set


This set of 3 bracelets consists of tourmaline, clear quartz and is accented with rose gold hematite.

  • tourmaline is a symbol of clear wisdom. It helps to build the bridge between the soul and the physical body, supports visualization and awakens creativity.

  • clear quartz is a master healer and is known to bring clarity to your intentions and manifest results.

  • hematite grounds and reinforces the connection with the earth. It is known to provide strength, courage and vitality.

  • chakra: crown and heart

  • 6mm (tourmaline), 6mm (clear quartz) and 4mm (hematite) beads

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Samadhi refers to “union”. It is a state in which your mind, body and soul unite with the oneness of the universe. Tourmaline helps to bridge the soul and the mental and physical bodies to create a harmonious, working unity. This crystal will bring clarity to your dreams and transform your energy.

Photo by: @thelotusproject_yeg