Rainbow Chakra Bracelet with Howlite


Rainbow Chakra Bracelet with Howlite


Howlite accented with rose gold hematite disks and 7 stones each representing the 7 chakras: red jasper (root chakra), tiger eye (sacral chakra), yellow jade (sacral chakra), green aventurine (heart chakra), Inspired by the crisp mornings after a fresh snowfall.

  • Howlite is a soothing stone and helps to calm the overagitated mind

  • Red Jasper inspires physical vitality

  • Tiger eye generates courage and confidence

  • Yellow Jade instills optimism and enthusiasm

  • Green Aventurine encourages compassion towards others

  • Lapis Lazuli favors mental clarity and stability

  • Amethyst stimulates inspiration and intuition

  • 8mm beads

  • chakra: all

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Awaken your chakras with these vibrant crystals that are accented by howlite - a powerful soothing stone.

Hawaiian rainbow (photo by: @thelotusproject_yeg)