Howlite stones inspired by the polar bear!

  • howlite is a soothing stone and helps to calm the overagitated mind

  • hematite grounds and reinforces the connection with the earth. It is known to provide strength, courage and vitality.

  • chakra: crown

  • 10mm beads

  • COMMUNITY PARTNER: $5 from the sale of every Nanuq Bracelet is donated to Polar Bears International - a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving polar bears and their Arctic home!

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Two thirds of our wild polar bears will be gone in just 30 years if we don't make some changes. The loss of sea ice caused by HUMANS is destroying the polar bears habitat and thus their population is declining. We can make a difference though and ensure our children and our grandchildren grow up in a world with polar bears! By reducing our energy consumption and greenhouse gases, we have a chance in saving these spiritual animals!

Mama polar bear and her cub (photo by: @polarbearsinternational)