Clear quartz accented by rose gold lava inspired by water’s powerful energy.

  • clear quartz is a master healer and is known to bring clarity to your intentions and manifest results.

  • lava stone is a grounding stone that is known to give strength and courage through times of change

  • chakra: crown

  • 8mm beads

  • four sizes available: XS (approximately 6.75” length), S (approximately 7” length), M (approximately 7.5” length) or L (approximately 7.75” length). Please contact Alisa directly to request a custom size.

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Just like water, clear quartz is found on every continent in our world. The H2Ohhh Bracelet was inspired by water and the powerful energy it has. Just being near the ocean or a lake brings clarity to your thoughts and intentions, similar to the clear quartz' powerful ability.

Pacific Ocean (photo by: @thelotuspage)