Black Sand with Lava


Black Sand with Lava


Lava stone and black gold obsidian accented with rose gold hematite inspired by Black Sand beach in Maui, Hawaii.

  • lava stone is a grounding stone that is known to give strength and courage through times of change

  • obsidian is known for protection and clears negative thought patterns

  • hematite grounds and reinforces the connection with the earth. It is known to provide strength, courage and vitality.

  • chakra: root

  • add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the lava beads to turn your bracelet into a diffuser.

  • 10mm beads

  • three sizes available: S (approximately 7” length), M (approximately 7.5” length) or L (approximately 8” length). Please contact Alisa directly to request a custom size.

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Inspired by the famous Black Sand beach in Maui, Hawaii where the jagged black lava forms a protective cove. Black sand granules glisten in the golden sun to create a magical place you can dig your toes into.

Black Sand Beach in Waianapanapa State Park, Maui, HI (photo by: @thelotuspage)