Alisa Taylor

Alisa is the maker and creator behind The Lotus Project. As a student of positive psychology, she loves combining different gemstones and crystals to create “happy” jewellery infused with positivity.

All Alisa’s pieces are inspired by nature and she loves getting outside and connecting with the great outdoors.


Brook Taylor

Brook is the maker and creator of The Lotus Project’s main frame. He designs and crafts all things wood. Our bracelet and mala stands have his stamp on them.

When Brook isn’t covered in sawdust, you will find him out on the bike trails!


Paige Taylor

Paige is the maker and creator of The Lotus Project’s kids bracelets and the brains behind our infamous Build-A-Bracelet kits.

When Paige isn’t making or creating, you will find her out on the monkey bars flying through the air!