Why convenience is no longer the convenient choice

I remember reading a motivational article about following your passion and the author posed the question “what gets you fired up?”

Not many things get me more “fired up” than the conservation of animals and nature. With today being Earth Day, I feel I have the appropriate platform to express my passion.


Our planet is now completely out of balance due to the impact of human behaviour. Over the past 50 years, the population of wild animals has been reduced by 60%. The rise in Earth’s temperature is because of human-produced greenhouse gases and is expected to cause major shifts to our planet’s oceans in just the next 10 years. This ultimately means major shifts to humanity and our own future.

Many of these destructive and harmful situations can be changed by a single thing. Choice. In our consumer driven, materialistic world, convenience and price often determine what we choose to spend our money on. Unfortunately, the most sustainable option is often over-looked by the cheapest one. Twenty years ago we may have said that it is the environment that pays the price. But now, we are paying the price. Without stability and sustainability, the planet - humans and nature, are at risk.

But now we have the power to turn the table and as David Attenborough says “we now determine nature’s survival”. We can choose to support more sustainable products and businesses over ease and convenience. We can choose renewable resources rather than burning more fossil fuels and increasing greenhouse gases. We can choose to purchase reusable products over single use items that fill up the landfills and pollute the oceans.


Buying locally grown produce, supporting local businesses and choosing sustainable over convenient will have a long lasting affect on our planet. We are at a point where it is no longer “worth” spending just $1 on processed food-like products. As a friend of mine recently said, “why does this cost so little? What are we actually eating”?

That is the question we should be asking ourselves. Why does it cost $5 for a shirt or $1 for a sandwich? How is that even possible? What is the actual “cost” of cheap convenience?

Our planet can come back into balance but now it’s up to us and the choices we make. The good news is that we can start right now. We can make the decision to align ourselves with nature and in turn “re-wild” the world. We can choose to stop using single-use plastic products, ride our bikes more and drive less, support businesses that support the environment, buy sustainable fish, choose local versus big business and encourage our children to be curious about nature and wildlife.

I encourage you to experiment with the power of choice. I encourage you to reduce your impact and make conscious choices that will bring us back in balance with nature again.